Posted on 8/18/2023

The 2023 Maui Wildfires in Lahaina

On August 8th, wildfires ravaged our beautiful island of Maui. Two of the fires caused irreversible damage. The worst of the two destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, the former capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It’s a devastation unlike any seen in living memory on the Hawaiian islands, with over 2,000 structures destroyed and the tragic death of at least 111 people.

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Posted on 7/11/2023

5 Cool Facts About Maui

Maui is a gorgeous island with so much to offer. If you're coming to this unique island for a vacation, you're definitely going to have a fantastic time. Here are 5 cool facts about Maui that you should know before you head to this tropical paradise.

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Posted on 7/6/2023

What to Pack for Maui

If you’re gearing up for your vacation to Maui and are starting to sort through your closet to find the best items to bring, check out this ultimate list of what to pack for Maui. You’ll be ready to go with room to spare for all your souvenirs in no time!

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Posted on 5/23/2023

3 Reasons to Rent a Jeep in Maui

Are you getting ready for your Maui adventure? If you've got your flights booked, your Maui vacation condo reserved, and are trying to figure out if you should rent a jeep in Maui, you've come to the right place. Rugged and bare, Jeeps are the ultimate adventure car. Read on for the pros and cons of this vehicle option.

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Posted on 4/2/2023

Must Try Local Foods

Hawaiian cuisine is a beautiful blend of foods from several Asian countries and Pacific Islands (and elsewhere around the globe). There are too many dishes and treats to sample in just one trip, but here are a few dishes and snacks that are both delicious and a big part of Hawaiian culture!

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Posted on 2/28/2023

Dessert Island-Style

Vacation is a time to treat yourself, and although many Maui restaurants have a great selection of mouthwatering, sweet treats, these dessert-specific spots are worth a separate trip and guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth!

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Posted on 2/1/2023

Maui After Dark

Nightlife isn’t typically what draws people to visit Maui, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do! In a jam-packed vacation schedule, nothing is worse than running out of day, before you run out of energy. Fortunately, being away from bustling cities gives Maui a charm of its own and whole new list of nighttime activities! Here are a couple you need to try during your stay on the Valley Isle.

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Posted on 1/4/2023

Aloha Spirit 101

Hawaii’s diverse population and location have created a beautiful blend of cultures that extend far beyond just food and language. People living on “island time” and the Aloha Spirit are part of what brings visitors to Maui and neighboring islands, but respect is another huge part of Hawaiian culture. Here are a few of the unwritten rules to live by while visiting that you might not have known!

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Posted on 12/3/2022

Exploring Nature on the Valley Isle

Maui’s unique climate and isolated location make it a dream destination for tourists and people seeking to relocate. Because of these conditions, Maui is also home to plants and creatures you’ll rarely (if ever) spot outside the Hawaiian Islands. If you get a chance to break away from the itinerary, here are a few of the hidden gems you might spot while exploring Maui.

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Posted on 11/2/2022

Maui Live

A cool ocean breeze, breaking waves, and softly strummed ukulele paired with picturesque Maui sunset is what people dream of when planning a vacation to Hawaii. Maui has many talented musicians and venues, but a few stand above the rest.

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