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Posted on 6/18/2024

Spread Aloha: Support Local While on Maui

You've probably heard of the spirit of Aloha— if you haven't, it's often simplified as love. Aloha is an important aspect of Hawaiian culture, and an easy way to spread it is to shop local! While you're on Maui, why not check out these local shops and restaurants and support the community here? (Some of these businesses even ship to the mainland, so you don't even have to wait until your trip!) Maui Cookie Lady This charming, boutique bakery offers

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Posted on 3/5/2024

Going to Maui: What to Expect As A First Time Visitor

If you've never been, you might be wondering what to expect if you're going to Maui. Nicknamed the Valley Isle, this small island is charming and full of delightful beaches, the rich Hawaiian culture, and delicious food. Read on for a full guide so you can show up ready to soak up time in the sun.

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Posted on 2/12/2024

Best Maui Eats: The Ultimate Food List in 2024

If you're looking forward to some amazing meals while on vacation, you're in luck! Maui is chock-full of delicious restaurants. There are budget-friendly options, and one's perfect for a fancy night out. Check out our top five recommendations below.

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Posted on 10/25/2023

6 Hawaiian Words You Should Know Before Visiting Maui

Hawaii is the only state with two official languages (English and Hawaiian). The Hawaiian language is an integral part of Hawaiian culture. It is worth learning about while you're on the tropical island of Maui.  Here are 6 Hawaiian words you should know before visiting Maui to get the most out of your time in this tropical paradise! 

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Posted on 7/11/2023

5 Cool Facts About Maui

Maui is a gorgeous island with so much to offer. If you're coming to this unique island for a vacation, you're definitely going to have a fantastic time. Here are 5 cool facts about Maui that you should know before you head to this tropical paradise.

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Posted on 8/1/2022

A Day Away

Planning a vacation to Maui can be a daunting task. Choosing from an endless list of activities while having enough free time to relax is a tricky balance to find. While nothing on Maui is too far away, we’ve found the best way to embrace everything the Valley Isle has to offer is to take it a day at a time and make the most of your travel time!

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Posted on 1/28/2022

5 Things Every Tourist Should Know When Coming to Hawaii

While making sure you book all the tours, sightseeing opportunities, and reservations are important, here are some helpful tips that you may not know. From respecting the Aina “land” to protecting yourself, these 5 things are important to know before coming to Hawaii.

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Posted on 12/1/2021

3 Reservations to make today!

The Island of Maui has a lot to offer in terms of food, activities, and sights to see, but some experiences are only available to those who plan ahead. Here are a few popular places

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Posted on 10/31/2021

Cheap Eats and Happy Hour Deals

A guide to finding the best deals without skipping out on the quality. Some favorites that you will be able to save money, but also have amazing meals.

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Posted on 9/28/2021

Top 3 Snorkeling Spots on Maui

When coming to Maui, planning a snorkel trip, or just bringing your mask and fins to the beach is a must. With Maui’s crystal blue water, it is the perfect place to have an up front experience with so many of Maui’s wildlife. Here are three places to check out if you are looking for the perfect snorkeling experience.

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