Planning a vacation to Maui can be a daunting task. Choosing from an endless list of activities, while having enough free time to relax, is a tough balance to find. While nothing on Maui is too far away, we’ve found the best way to embrace everything the Valley Isle has to offer, is to take it a day a time and make the most of your travel time!

By Land


To get the full experience, the road to Hana really does require a full day. It’s possible to drive the entire road in a few hours, but there is always more to see in Hana. We recommend at least stopping to see rainbow eucalyptus, a half dozen water falls, a bamboo forrest (or two!) and eating banana bread or fresh fruit on a beach (Red Sand, Black Sand, Koki, Hamoa it’s pretty hard to choose just one). If you want the full experience, sunrise to sunset is really the only option!


There are plenty of ways to explore Haleakala. Whether you’re into sunrises, sunsets, hiking, camping, relaxing, stargazing, bike riding or birdwatching, there’s no shortage of things to do on your way up the mountain. Just like Hana, we recommend taking a full day to really explore upcountry (Kula, Pukalani and Makawao) as you make your journey to the summit. There are hidden gems all along the way! Hosmer’s Grove, Olinda Forest, Kula Lodge, and Poli Poli Recreation Area are just a few of our favorites!

By Sea


Lanai is the perfect destination for people really looking to slow down and enjoy living on island time. One of the most remote Hawaiian Islands, Lanai has plenty of beaches and very few visitors competing over space. This secluded paradise is just a ferry ride away, making it the perfect candidate for a day trip from Maui for anyone wanting a few hours off-the-grid.

Molokini Crater

Most people familiar with snorkeling on Maui have likely heard of the snorkeling tours on Maui’s southern coast to Molokini Crater. Depending on the time of year, visitors can expect to see whales, dolphins sea turtles and countless unique species of fish. Beginner and seasoned snorkelers alike are bound to witness amazing wildlife all around, even those who feel more comfortable staying on the boat will have plenty to see!

By Air


Oahu, Maui’s smaller, but much more densely populated neighbor, is a haven for foodies and shoppers. Fortunately for visitors to other islands, this islands airport has plenty of flights to and from neighbor islands- about 50 a day from Maui alone! For anyone a little apprehensive about an extended stay in a bustling city, a cheap (as low a 33$ roundtrip) and quick flight (20-25minutes) from Maui to Oahu might be the perfect compromise.


The lush vegetation and natural beauty around every corner in Kauai have earn it the nickname “The Garden Island”. It famous beaches are beautiful but secluded enough for private weddings and events. For adventurers, Kauai’s hikes (or ATV rides) through wilderness and jungle can feel like you’ve been transported another country, but is near enough to return to Maui in the same day.


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