The North Shore of Maui, also known as Haiku (hi-coo) or Paia (pie-ee-uh) is recognized for its lush green hills and tropical environment. If you are staying there, or plan on taking a drive towards that side of the island, here are a few places you should definitely stop at on the way.

Hookipa (ho-oh-key-puh)

Hookipa is a beautiful beach on the east side of the island. It may not be the beach you’d want to bodyboard, but if you like to watch surfers surf some huge waves, see turtles or have a nice relaxing beach day, this is the perfect beach for you. Even if you don’t want to go down to the beach, there is a parking lot up top that is worth just parking and looking at the incredible view.

Shaka Tacos

A must try! This little taco truck resides on the side of the road in Haiku and is known for their birria tacos. Not only are they delicious and huge tacos, but if you happen to catch them on a Tuesday, you will be able to get some of their tacos for $2, and that is a steal! I promise you will not regret making this stop.

Better Things

Of course there always needs to be a coffee stop. This new and trendy coffee shop in Paia Town is a local favorite. It is also very instagram worthy if you’re looking for that perfect photo op. They make homemade Pop Tarts that are a must buy and serve some of the best coffee on island. So make sure to stop by, find a seat and stay a while. Once in a while they even have live music by local artists, or a pop up shop with small local businesses.


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