When coming to Maui, planning a snorkel trip, or just bringing your mask and fins to the beach is a must. With Maui’s crystal blue water, it is the perfect place to have an up front experience with so many of Maui’s wildlife. Here are three places to check out if you are looking for the perfect snorkeling experience.

1) Molokini Crater

This is that Maui Excursion that you can mark off your bucket list that is going to be a memorable experience. For this snorkel trip you have to book a boat tour to take you there like Ali’i Nui. The boat takes you out to this crater where you can jump out of the boat ( so fun right?!) and swim around. There are a lot more fish you can only see here that you can’t see closer to shore, sometimes you will even get to see a dolphin!

2) Black Rock

Black Rock is very popular and is located outside of a Kaanapali Resort. This spot is very popular because it is not only a beautiful beach for you to visit, but it is a well-known cliff jumping spot as well as a snorkel spot. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings when snorkeling! But this spot is great for families because there is something for everyone.

3) Ahihi-Kinau Reserve

Ahihi- Kinau is a bird and fish reserve, so because of this you will be able to see so many colorful fish and coral! It is not a beach, so it is not a great place to just lay out, but it makes snorkeling that much better. You might also see some eagle rays, sea turtles and eels!


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