Posted on 5/23/2023

3 Reasons to Rent a Jeep in Maui

Are you getting ready for your Maui adventure? If you've got your flights booked, your Maui vacation condo reserved, and are trying to figure out if you should rent a jeep in Maui, you've come to the right place.

Rugged and bare, Jeeps are the ultimate adventure car. Read on for the pros and cons of this vehicle option.

3 Reasons to Rent a Jeep in Maui
Jeeps are exciting to drive.

While you don't need a jeep to traverse the island safely, jeeps are enjoyable. Nothing says "island vacation" like driving around in a big old Jeep!

With the added height, you can always take in the views, even if you get stuck in rush-hour traffic on the Lahaina Pali.

Jeeps can handle any Maui road.

While you'll be able to drive the entirety of the island without a 4-wheel drive, some roads on Maui can get a little rough.

It's nice to have peace of mind when exploring the Road to Hana or going to the lava flow by La Perouse Bay. The Jeep is going to be okay.

You can drive with the top off.

The best reason to drive a jeep in Maui is to go with the top off. Feel the Hawaiian sunshine on your skin and cruise around the beautiful island with 360 views. Truly, a vibe.

3 Reasons Not to Rent a Jeep

Now that you know the reasons for renting a jeep, you might be wondering what are some cons.

 4x4 Unnecessary

While Jeeps are fun to drive, you won't be able to do much off-roading if you're renting. No point in voiding your insurance!

They also use a fair amount of gas. If you choose to rent a jeep, make sure to budget a bit more for fuel!

 Limited Space

Jeeps only have a little storage space or room for people. A 4-door jeep has room for 5 people, but the backseats aren't spacious or comfortable. If you're traveling with a big family or like to take many accessories on your day trips, there might be better options.

A More Expensive Option

Jeep's are a popular rental vehicle on Maui, meaning they also tend to cost a bit more. If you're looking for a budget option, there are better ways to go than Jeep's. Still, if you want the experience, it's definitely worthwhile.

Pro Tip: Rates on Maui tend to be a little lower during the summer months.

How much does it cost to rent a jeep in Maui?

Car rentals on Maui can vary, but it typically costs between $55-$100 per day. A two-door Jeep will cost less than a 4-door.

Is a Jeep worth it in Maui?

You don't need a jeep to explore Maui. Still, a Jeep can enhance your Maui adventure and make it a more memorable experience.

How can I save money on Maui car rental?

One of the best ways to save money on a Maui car rental is to rent from a local car rental company like Kihei Rent-A-Car or Hula Rent-A-Car. The cars might be a bit older but you'll have more money to spend on excursions or a nicer vacation rental!


While renting a Jeep isn't the only way to have a fantastic time, they can help make your overall experience more memorable.

There's nothing quite like driving around the road to Hana with the top down, feeling the warm wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face!

Plus, with the Jeep's added height and rugged abilities, you can explore without hesitation or fear!

And boy, there's a lot to explore on Maui. Check out this list for some of the best Maui day trips.

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